Weather Reporters Winnweiler

weather wall

The weather reporters meet every Wednesday.
We are 10 students supported by Ms. Wolff.
The weather group deals with the weather for our Comenius project.
We write weather reports, make films about the seasons and inform our partner schools and classmates about the weather in Germany and the partner countries.
Our weather reports can be read on the Internet and at our Comenius wall.

Science Fair - Navan Educate Together, Ireland

It is Science Week in Ireland. As part of Science Week the children of Navan Educate Together prepared a variety of science experiments and held a Science Fair. Their experiments were based on the following themes; electricity, sound, materials, living things and forensic science. Even our preschoolers joined in showing experiments on the effect coloured water has on flowers. There was great excitement and everyone enjoyed the day. For lots more photos check out our school website under the events section (

Weather Report-October 2012-Winnweiler

In the beginning of October we had very stormy and rainy weather. The 19th was the hottest day of the month with unbelievable 25°C.
But on the 27th we had snow and -8°C.
Altogether October was as well "golden" as winterly.
(the weather-group)


Teachers and children at NETNS are working really hard to get the scripts finished on time for Friday's deadline. It is sooo exciting!!! We can't wait to read everybody else's and have a greater picture of what the whole play will be like.

The newspaper published some news and photos about the meeting in Ceuta.

One year over the rainbow

On November 12th, 2011 a group of friends from Germany, Ireland, Norway and Spain visited our school. On November 12th, 2012 we watched the photos and videos of the first year over the rainbow.
The children loved Erbs' photos. Have a look and enjoy!

Ready for winter

New clothes for Erbs!!!

Navan Educate Together Pens

Hamza from 6th class has taken on a project to sell special limited edition Navan Educate Together pens. They sell for €2 and some of the money raised will go towards the Comenius Project trip to Germany next May. Well done to Hamza for taking on this project. We are very excited and looking forward to performing the musical!!

Weather Report for October 2012, Bucharest

Hello, my name is Blanka and this is the weather report for October. In Bucharest the weather was warm and sunny. The average temperature was 16 degrees Celsius. The warmest day was 2nd October (29 degrees) and the coldest day was 29th October (10 degrees). It was cold, rainy and windy between 12th and 14th October.

Hallowe'en in Navan, Ireland

At Navan Educate Together National School we celebrated mid-term with a dress up day and a Hallowe'en themed tuck shop. There were some fantastic home baked goodies and the children had great fun in their costumes.


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