The International Children´s Day in Ceuta- Spain

The Revellín Square Theatre has celebrated last Friday morning, several educational workshops about the International Children's Day.
San Agustin´s fourth grade students participated in these activities.

School Days in Bucharest

The great Hungarian poet Ady Endre, whose name our school bears, was born on November 22nd. It has become a tradition to celebrate his birthday and the School Days in November.
The children enjoyed the origami, pottery and painting workshops, took part in a chess championship and in a treasure hunt and played table tennis. The two days' celebration ended with a party, where children, parents and teachers danced and had fun together.

Romanian Day in Winnweiler/Germany

Here are some pictures from our romanian day.
Our chefs cooked Tocanita de cartofi and Ostropel de pui.

Irish Day in Winnweiler/Germany

Our chefs were cooking Sherperds Pie. We made Irish hearts and flowers made ​​from natural materials.

Irish Day in Winnweiler/Germany II

The children made sheeps, drew the irish flag, celtic mandalas and learned gaelic words.

Irish Day In Winnweiler/Germany III

On the third day of our Comenius-Project-Week our topic-land was IRELAND! The Children produced seminar papers about Ireland, watched and did an Irish Dance.

Norwegian Day in Winnweiler/Germany

Here are some pictures from the fourth grade.

Norwegian Day in Winnweiler/Germany

While the national anthem is to hear, the pupils carry in the norwegian flag.
A first grader and a troll
The pupils learn the numbers in norwegian language by playing Domino.
Svært velsmakende! Pasta med laks!

God Dag!
On the second day of our Comenius week NORWAY was our topic-country:
We made trolls, the first grader learned the numbers in the norwegian language and our chefs cooked a delicious salmon dish.

Hilsener fra Tyskland!

School camp at Haraldvangen

6th grade at Brandengen school have been at camp at Haraldvangen. Haraldvangen is located not very far from Gardermoen, Norways biggest airport , just north of Oslo. They stayed there for 5 whole days.

Here are some quotes from the pupils:

Spanish day in Winnweiler/Germany

Two flamenco girls on a spanish donkey
The national anthem and the spanish flag
European school decoration
Who is it? Ole!!!


We started our Over the rainbow week with Spain.

Greetings from Germany


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