There are plenty of photos from this day at school.



It was the 22nd of September. Every year we have a Family Day at school and this year we wanted to share this day with our comenius partners from Norway, Romania, Ireland and Germany.
At eleven o´clock there was a mass and then there were some different events. On this day the APA gave a special prize to Agustín Castro the boy who won the competition for the cover of the book : The five colour land. We are very proud of him.
Parents, pupils and teachers had a paella at school for lunch. It was very tasty..

Drum workshop in 2nd grade.

Drum workshop 2nd grade
Drum workshop 2nd grade
Drum workshop 2nd grade
Drum workshop 2nd grade

All the pupils in 2nd grade were at drum workshop at our school. We had fun playing with homemade instruments. We also learned about music tones and rhythm. It was fun!

Best regards 2nd grade.
Teachers: Ayse, Espen, Mahin and Lise

San Agustin Sports

In the San Agustin school there are some sports that the pupils can practise:
- Football.
- Basketaball.
- Handball.
- Table Tennis.

Football is a sport where the boys spend a good time because there is a great atmosphere. There are fiveteen teams in various levels, from six to seventeen years.

However basketball is the favourite sport for the girls so there are more girls than boys. There are twelve basketball teams from six to sixteen years. They love it because they enjoy playing basketball.


Our tear 4 pupils are learning about how to develop healthy eating habits.
So, they have put together some “food wheels” displays that show the three food groups:
1)Energy food (carbohydrates and fats)
2)Regulators (vitamins and minerals)
3)growth food (proteins)
Each display has been made in pairs, as pairwork helps children become more sociable and cooperative (with their peers)
These displys can be seen at the first floor corridor of our school.

RAIN? WHAT RAIN? 19.10.2012

Autumn Sports Day
Autumn Sports Day
Drammen City Library
Drammen City Library
Drammen City Library

The big highlight at Brandengen School this week was the annual Lower Primary Autumn Sports Day. Students, from Years 1 to 4, and adults alike, enjoyed an array of sporting activities, such as a 60-meter race, tug-of-war, hula hoops and limbo, amongst others. Everyone enjoyed being outdoors despite the typical Norwegian autumn weather conditions: rain, rain and more rain! Needless to say, we achieved our goal of giving everyone the opportunity to become better-acquainted whilst participating in fun-filled games and activities!

,,Indian Summer" in Winnweiler, Germany

Greetings to all partner schools!


This week we have made animation films in each group. The pupils were very satisfied with the results and they really enjoyed the hours, even the breaks were spent making the films.

Hope you will find the films creative as we all do.

Best regards 5th grade from Brandengen school.

Teachers: Øystein, Tove, Marcus og Helene.


Apple Day (Winnweiler, class 2c, 28.9.2012)

Apple workshop with apple pancakes, apple rings, apple juice, apple tea and apple candles: self-made!


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