Weather Report-September 2012-Winnweiler

The weather in Winnweiler for september was quite warm.
On the 9th of september Bad Kreuznach (about 50 kilometers from Winnweiler) was with 32,2° C. the hottest place in Germany.
In the second half of the month autumn started.


This week 7.grade learned about herritage. The pupils talked to theire parents and their grandparents about herritage and how it was in Norway in the late eightteen- and early nineteenhundreds.

We visited a museum where we saw objects and heard stories from these years. Each pupil made their own individual button that was ment to be a symbol of their personality, not unlike a familycrest.

Greetings from Bucharest!

Hi! We are in class 4 and we are the weather reporters this month. Today we have made these funny hedgehogs. Aren't they sweet?

Weather report for September in Bucharest

In September the weather was sunny and hot, almost as hot as in summer. The average temperature was 24 °C. The hottest day was 28th September,with 33 °C. It only rained once, on 21st September, but no more than 20 mm.
In the photo we are playing in the schoolyard. Look at the trees! It is autumn, but their leaves are green.

Weather report from Drammen, Spetember 2012

Pupils borrowing books
Pupils borrowing books
Pupils borrowing books

The average temperature for September was 11.5 degrees
The warmest day was September 3. with 23.3 degrees
The coldest day was September 21. with 0.1 degrees

Totally, it was 67mm rain in September.
September 26. was the day with the most rain, it was 32mm rain.

This month our new school library opened. Each class can come here 1 schoolhour a week to borrow books. Mette Ravn Osnes is our fantastic librarian. Together with some of our pupils she has made the library a great plase to visit.

GOAL Jersey Day in Navan Educate Together, Ireland

The children and staff, (and some parents), took part in the GOAL Jersey Day fundraiser today (5th October 2012). We wore our favourite sport jerseys to school for €2 and raised nearly €100. These proceeds will go directly to GOAL's work in the developing world.

Researchers's Night in Bucharest

On Friday, 28th September, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, we watched presentations of scientific experiments, interacted with scientists, flew in a hot air balloon ... and we realized that SCIENCE IS FUN!

Erbs in Ceuta

Back in Germany

We had a wonderful rainbow over our school this morning. In germany a rainbow symbolizes luck. It was amazing. We were thinking of all of you.
Greetings from Germany

Rizzi Allee

Maria-Montessori-Grundschule Winnweiler


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