Weather Report - April 2012 - Ireland

Here is the weather report for April 2012 from Navan, Ireland!!

Weather Report March 2012 - Ireland

Here is the weather report for March 2012 from Navan, Ireland!!

Graduation Day at "Ady Endre" High school, Bucharest

June 1st, 2012 was Graduation Day. One more class left our school, saying goodbye to their school, classmates, teachers and friends. It was a very special day, both happy and sad. We wish them success and good luck.

Weather report for July and August in Bucharest, Romania

In July and August we were on holiday. The weather reporters were on holiday, too. And if they were not in Bucharest, they can say they were lucky, because it was the hottest summer since ... well, it was extremely hot and dry. The average temperature was 37°C, but we also had 40 and even 41°C ! As for the rainfall, there was almost no rain. It only rained twice in these two months.
In the photo we are in the Hargita mountains. We had a great time, the weather was sunny and warm.

Weather Report for August in Winnweiler/Germany

This is the Weather Report for Winnweiler. It´s written by Jana (2a). The picture is drawn by Lana (2c)

Weather Report for June and July in Winnweiler / Germany

The weather in June:
The average temperature was 17°C
and the average rainfall was 79l/qm.

In July we were on holiday. We did not have the time to take a look about the weather. We just enjoyed our holidays...

Project meeting in Bucharest

Group photo
Visiting the school and classrooms
  Introducind the book and Erbs, the mascot
The trip to Sinaia

“The Five-Color-Land"
Over the Rainbow to Europe

Project meeting in Bucharest
10th - 13th November , 2011

The first project meeting took place in Bucharest, on 10th – 13th November, 2011.

Ady Endre High School, Bucharest

Our school
Christmas: traditional Hungarian dance
Lyceum Consort Early Music Ensemble

Short history

Weather report for May in Winnweiler / Germany

Hallo! My name is Isabelle and i go to the 3rd class of the Maria-Motessori-Grundschule in Winnweiler. This is my report! Greetings to all!

Sports Day in Navan, Ireland

All the children here in Navan enjoyed our annual sports day last week. The children took part in teams doing activities involving hockey skills, football skills, balancing, running, throwing and catching, co-operation and teamwork. We enjoyed our half time healthy snacks of juice and apples provided by the parents and the children had lots of fun laughing at the teachers trying to do a three legged race!
Check out our school website for more fun filled photos of the day! ( under the 'events' section)


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