Weather Report - October 2012 - Ireland

Here is the weather report for October 2012 from Navan, Ireland!!

My name is Jorgia. I am the weather reporter. The weather in Navan, Ireland for October was damp and cold. The lowest temperature was 11 degrees celcius. The highest temperature was 15 degrees celcius. The average temperature was 13 degrees celcius. The average recorded rainfall was 3.5 mm.

Weather Report - September 2012 - Ireland

Here is the weather report for September 2012 from Navan, Ireland!!

My name is Leticia. I am the weather reporter. The weather in Navan, Ireland for September was cloudy and mild. The lowest temperature was 9 degrees celcius. The highest temperature was 17 degrees celcius. The average temperature was 13 degrees celcius.

My friend!!!


Last week Marisú´s class talked about what friendship means for her pupils.Therefore they decided to make a card to their best friend in the class. They enjoyed watching all the cards they made. First they read their cards and then they gave them to each other.
They had a very good time on this day and the most important thing is that Marisú realized how important the friendship is for children.


The mochila´s day is celebrated on 1st November. It is a typicial party in Ceuta, where the families go to the camp to spend all the day here.
The families cook different food to have lunch. That day it´s typical to eat nuts.
The children play in the camp and they spend a good time in the mochila´s day.
Our kindergarden celebrated this day on the first floor, because that our day was raining. The pupils ate nuits, fruits.... and sang different typical songs.

Respect, care and responsibility!

The pupils in 4th grade are oldest in the primary school. Therefore they all are busy with various responsibilities this year.

Some pupils are responsible for fun- filled sporting activities and games during breaks. There are pupils who are responsible for tennis, badminton, bandy and many other activities. The goal is for the pupils to become better acquainted with each other across the steps, meanwhile motivate activity in the breaks.

A day at the farm.

The dog Gaia and the farmer welcome us.
To boys who knows how to treat a veal.
In the henhouse the hen's were waiting for us.
Lunsj in a big lavvo.
In a break the pupils played in an obstacle course.

In 3rd grade one of the subjects is life at the farm.
The students main objective is to learn about farmanimals, foodproduction and animalcare.
The farm we visited is named Unnelsrud farm and lies about 15 minutes away from Brandengen School.
They have lots of animals and produce milk.

Regards from 3rd grade
Teachers: Gunn, Guro, Arnhild, Shagufta and Helene

And more photos from Ceuta, this time from Winnweiler!

Only one month left until december! : )

Norwegian headmasters visiting Canada!

35 headmasters and school leaders, from Drammen, visited Edmonton and Jasper, in Alberta, for ten days at the beginning of October.

The main objective was to learn about assessment for learning through visiting Canadian schools, universities and school authorities. Another objective was to learn about Canadian culture and the multiethnic Canadian society.
The third objective was to give all the school leaders ability to cooperate and to learn from each other.

Trick or Treat!

Halloween in Bucharest.
The children came to school disguised in scary costumes, carved pumpkins into Jack-o'-lanterns, told scary stories and had lots of fun... and sweets, of course.

European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages was celebrated in Bucharest on September 26th. The "Lyceum Consort" early music ensemble of the "Ady Endre" High School performed at the new Cervantes Institute. As usually, their performance was greeted with acclaim.


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