Special Comenius Assembly

What a fantastic morning we had yesterday. The teachers and children at Navan Educate Together had a special Comenius assembly where we looked back and remembered all of our visits to all of the schools and evoked happy memories of the wonderful visitors who came to see us last year. We spoke about our excitement about the forthcoming performance in Winnweiller this summer and about how tremendously lucky and privileged we feel to be a part of this marvellous project.


Before the winter holidays we celebrated Christmas at school. We decorated a nice Christmas tree, we sang carols and then we had a Christmas "market". Everyone had lots of fun.
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we wish all our Comenius friends a Happy New Year over the Rainbow!

Carols by Candlelight, Navan, Ireland

Last Tuesday night the children from 4th, 5th and 6th Classes performed a variety of Christmas Carols and Christmas songs. Tea, coffee and mince pies were provided by the Parents Association. The children sang and played beautifully and everyone enjoyed the evening.
Happy Christmas from everyone at Navan Educate Together!!!

Weather Report - November 2012- Winnweiler/Germany

The first days of November were uncomfortable and dull. Mid-November, the weather turned kind. At the end of the month it got cold.
The coldest day was the 30.11. with -3,6ºC. The maximum temperature was reached on 24.11. with 13ºC.

Greetings from Norway – Brandengen school!

There are many Christmas preparations at school these days.

Parents are invited to join in for a evocative Christmas breakfast, students are making gifts and opens the calendar every day.

The office lit with purple candles everyday and serving gingerbread.

We wish everyone a great December and a Merry Christmas!

Best regards from Jorun and Linda.

Weather Report - November 2012 - Ireland

Here is the weather report for November 2012 from Navan, Ireland!!

My name is Denis. I am the weather reporter. The weather in Navan, Ireland for November was wet and cold. The lowest temperature was 9 degrees celcius. The highest temperature was 16 degrees celcius. The average temperature was 13 degrees celcius. The average recorded rainfall was 7mm.

Weather Report- November 2012, Bucharest

In Bucharest the last autumn month was mild and mostly sunny, with an average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. It was often cold and foggy in the morning, but warm and nice in the afternoon.
Greetings from this month's weather reporters: Dora, Eszter, Kata, Mara, Andu, David and Tamas.

Yellow Day in Navan, Ireland

Here are some of the photos from our Yellow Day!!

Mellow Yellow

We have just had a super 'Yellow Day' at Navan ETNS. Everybody was asked to hunt and delve in their wardrobes and drawers to find items of clothing which were yellow....a much easier job in the summer than in the winter time ...but nevertheless lots of us, myself included, managed to find something sunny to wear.
Loads of pictures were taken along with video clips which will be brought to Germany next week. They look so bright and sunny....I almost forgot that tomorrow is going to be December.


Some of the pupils in full action playing chess.
The floor is as good as a table.

Here are pupils in the 5th grade having a chess courses. Many pupils thought they were fully educated before the course started, but they soon understood there was a lot more to learn.
Nearly every day they ask to play, but the teachers have to tell them that first of all they have to learn a little bit more about Norwegian, mathematics and other subjects so they speed up their work, hoping to get some leisure time to play chess.


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