Weather Report- April, 2013, Bucharest

In April the weather was nice, warm and sunny, with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The hottest day was April 30th: 31 degrees! The coldest day was April 9th: only 8 degrees.
This year spring was very short in Bucharest, it lasted for about ten days and we had summer weather in April.

Procession of children San Agustín Ceuta 2013

On March 15 was held in our school the "procession of children 2013" from our school. The procession incluided approximately between 80 and 100 boys and girls, from bearers, acolytes, "mantillas", "contraguias" and all kinds of essential elements for a procession.


Here you have the weather report for the last two months. In March the weather was rainy and cooler than usual. The lowest temperature was 9 degrees while the highest was 15.We had some pretty damp days and the sea was rough sometimes!. In early March the highest temperature rose to 17 degrees.We also had some welcome rain to meet all the tastes!.In late March the weather picked up and now we are enjoying very nice weather. How will the rest of the week' s weather shape up? It´s breezy and really warm today so enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

More Comenius Artwork from Navan

Here are a few samples of our Comenius artwork.

Comenius Artwork done by Navan Educate Together pupils

As part of our Comenius project we have been using art to learn more about each others’ cultures. We have looked at artwork by famous artists from our partner schools. The children’s work has been inspired by Klee (Germany), Munch (Norway), Nolan (Ireland), and Picasso (Spain) along with folk art from Romania. A selection of the artwork is being displayed in an exhibition in Navan Shopping Centre. The remainder of the art work is being displayed around the school. Check out the school website under the events section to see more photos!


6ºA (Marisú´s class) has been very busy recently, putting together some striking displays to remind all of us how we are expected to behave indoors and outdoors at San Agustín School.


The average temperature in January was 12 degrees .For the most part of the month we had clear skies with patchy rain. In February, it was warm and sunny changing to cooler days with some outbreaks of rain. We had temperatures of 15 degrees and a brisk wind. Surprisingly , it is pouring with rain today so we are looking forward to warm spring days to enjoy our Easter holidays.


We want to improve the corporal expression and the "motricity" through free games, simulated actions and costume races. In this case, we prepared an interval race in which the pupils had to dress themselves at the same time they have to run. At the end, they had to express a little action explainning their customes. The object of this task is to improve their "motricity"; it means: to improve the power of the body to relate others, produce and transmit information and create value and sense through physical actions.

Musical preparations in Winnweiler, Germany

Working on the musical in our comenius-workshops:
-the school choir performs the musical songs
- dancers and actors rehearse the green scene
-many beautiful props for the stage are produced

What Is Yellow - A poem

What is Yellow?


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