These pictures show the pupils from San Agustín School that will take part in the musical in Germany. They are very excited about participating in the performance and very keen to do their best.

Erbs & friends welcome party: more photos!

Today`s Erbs & friends welcome party: first photos!


Red, yellow, green
Purple anda blue
hand in hand
Our five colours land

Marina's hands, from Spain

Maria-Montessori-Grundschule Winnweiler

Maria-Montessori-Grundschule Winnweiler, Germany

Our primary school is both an all day school and a special school. Altogether Maria Montessori Grundschule has two hundred and ten pupils ranging from first to fourth grade. One hundred and thirty two of our pupils attend the morning school whilst seventy eight attend the all day school until four o’clock in the afternoon. Each day the children can eat a healthy meal which has been freshly cooked in our own kitchen. After school teachers are available to support our pupils with their homework.

May 17th.

Celebration of our National Day, May 17th.

The Four-Colour-Land, summary of the book in Romanian and Hungarian

Țara cu patru culori

Rezumat ( limba română)


Few weeks ago the students of San Agustin celebrated the festivity of the school. They participated in several activities enjoying them a lot.
Kayak was one of the funniest activites that took place in Ribera Beach.
Here you can see some pictures of this activity.

Weather Report- April, 2013, Bucharest

In April the weather was nice, warm and sunny, with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The hottest day was April 30th: 31 degrees! The coldest day was April 9th: only 8 degrees.
This year spring was very short in Bucharest, it lasted for about ten days and we had summer weather in April.


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